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Clean Slate? We can help. With heavy duty machinery we will remove and dispose of all existing asphalt, concrete and pavers. Project surface will be sloped and graded. A stable base is placed at a 6in thickness by a 2in layer of hot mix asphalt to be in compliance with city guidelines. (Thickness of base or asphalt varies on area.)

Crack Seal

Asphalt ages and cracks becoming brittle. If not treated, pavements could undergo larger structural damage. Unfilled cracks allow water and heat to create pot holes, webs or unleveled lifts. We apply Deery 200 Hot Rubberized Asphalt Crack Sealant into cracks to seal from further damage.



Seal Coating

Reviving the appearance with a fresh coat can be one of the most cost effective ways too reduce more expensive repairs down the line. Adding a layer of protection from water, oils, sun, and regular usage can help extend the life of existing asphalt. Layer of MTR sealant is applied by spray, brushing, or squeegee machine system. 



Patching / Potholes

Pavement aging can not be stopped. Lack of maintenance and daily usage will cause cracks in asphalt easily becoming a bigger headache. Depending on area we can saw cut areas into squares to fill with new asphalt which gets compacted to match existing asphalt.